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Lightning strike removal Aliquippa, Pa

Our crew removing a large  Pin Oak struck by lightning in Aliquippa, Pa.  At times these types of removals can be very dangerous! Luckily this was not one of them.  The lightning strike although bad making it a hazard to leave standing did not blow it apart bad enough to render it unstable for normal take-down procedures!

lightning strike Aliquippa, Pa
Lightning Strike lightning strike Aliquippa, Pa
Lightning Strike

Pre-Construction Consultation

Don’t lose the trees on your lot. Before you allow construction to start make sure you have us come in and go over all your trees and property to make sure the trees you want to keep are good ones and so we can help you protect them. Construction can take a toll on your property from soil compaction to breaking supporting and feeder roots, not to mention excavators damaging the trunks of the trees you want to keep! Also make sure they don’t get buried, or you’ll end up losing those trees you love. So give us a call so we can help you to keep all that from happening!

Lot Clearing

We can completely clear your wooded lot for your construction project or selectively cut only the trees you need to remove.  Why pay the cost of a wooded lot only to have the excavation/construction crews destroy the trees that you wanted to keep intact.  We can manage all your trees so that when your new house is done it will instantly turn into a home with mature trees, the reason you purchased a wooded property in the first place!